Group Health Insurance Affordable Options For Small/Medium Businesses And Large Companies

Made For The Business Owner And The Employees

Group Health Insurance Affordable Options For Small/Medium Businesses And Large Companies

Made For The Business Owner And The Employees

We Offer Groups Products To All Types Of Groups And Organizations.

BenaVest specializes in group research to help you find the right plans fit for your company, whether you are a small, medium, or large-scale business.

Small/Medium Group Products

We have multiple products that are tailored for small business and medium-sized companies, to help them give the right benefits to their employees.

Large Group Products

We also have the best products for large group companies to save money on their benefits. We specialize in helping large groups find the right plans.

Employee Benefits
That We Offer

BenaVest plans to help employers and their employees receive the best company benefits at the best price point possible. We also take pride in benefits education. Educating the employees on how to maximize their health plans results in two major upsides.


Group Health Plan

With our full suite of medical benefits and enrollment options, BenaVest will be able to assist in the implementation of Group Insurance Services that works best for Your company.



ICHRA helps you avoid certain drawbacks that normal group health plans have such as annual rate hikes, contribution, and participation requirements. This is a simple option to help give health benefits.

Self Funded

Self Funded Plans

When a company makes the change to Self Funding Insurance, it assumes responsibility for the administration of the health plan. With this accountability, you can have lots of control.

Workers Comp

Workers Compensation

Find Out Why Our Workers Compensation Plan Works Best For All Employers. Giving A Hands-Free Experience With Direct, And Exact Pay (Bi)Weekly To Employees.


Payroll Service

Print live checks, do a direct deposit from wherever you are and maximize the use of control. Having greater control will make you never have to call in payroll again.

See What A Group Health Insurance Plan Can Do For You..

Check out how you can save money and provide benefits to your employees.

Property Tax Reduction Mitigation

Property taxes make up over 1/3 of taxes paid by U.S. businesses and are overcharged by 15-20%.

Payroll-Based Employer Tax Credits

many companies qualify for federal tax incentives based simply on the amount of their annual payroll.

Construction & Purchase Incentives

commercial property purchases or renovations within the last 20 years can qualify for federal incentives.

Get End-Of-Year Refund Estimate For Group Health Insurance

Businesses all over America have been affected by tax hikes. Our average client receives over $240,000 in benefits. Get an estimated benefit in 30 Seconds! Start saving on your health benefits.

Check Out The Different Group Health Insurance Benefits

Group Health

Traditional Group Plan

  • Coverage 30% 30%
  • Employer Cost 76% 76%
  • Tax Advantage 40% 40%


New Improved Options

  • Coverage 86% 86%
  • Employer Cost 30% 30%
  • Tax Advantage 55% 55%

Self Funded

A Self Funded Plan

  • Coverage 40% 40%
  • Employer Cost 100% 100%
  • Tax Advantage 86% 86%

We Also Help Companies Get Other Employee Benefits..

Cafeteria Plan

With a flexible benefits plan, you will be able to reduce payroll taxes.


Admin Website

With our plan administrator website, you will be able to securely pay.



Meet the new employer mandates for group health insurance.


HR Assistant

An HR-answers website will allow you to get answers to questions quick


Small Business Health Insurance Options Made Simple

Check out how you can save money, provide benefits to your employees and start saving money as soon as possible.


BenaVest is our partner agency that specializes in helping you with group plans and employee benefits. Visit their site or send us an email here to get all the inormation you need.