Cost Relief For Employers
No Matter What Size!

Cost Relief For Employers
No Matter What Size!

Types Of Medical Plans

Employer Self Funded Health Insurance | Self Funding Insurance | Self Funded Health Insurance
BenaVest allows small / midsize employers to make monthly payments that includes all administration fees, stop loss premium, and claims liability charges. This makes it easier for employers to utilize self funded insurance. Our Employer Self Funded Health Insurance makes self funding simple.

Affordable Obamacare Enrollment

Financial Control

When a company makes the change to Self Funding Insurance, it assumes responsibility for administration of the health plan. With this accountability, you can: Operate efficiently and effectively, make necessary modifications to systems and processes as you see fit, and make continual improvement to achieve overall employee satisfaction and big savings

Always Covered Obamacare Enrollmentovered Obamacare Enrollment

Improved Cash Flow

The employer is offered the opportunity to save money if claims are low. Employers and employees that are health conscious do well with a Self Funded Health Insurance plan.

Obamacare Enrollment Options

Plan Flexibility

One size doesn’t fit all. The flexibility of self-funding allows a company to custom design a cost-effective health plan tailored to employees specific needs. For instance, high-cost benefits that employees do not value can be eliminated, and replaced by benefits that employees want—often for a lower cost.

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Additional Small Business Health Information

Group Health Plan

Our full suite of Medical Benefits and Staff benefit Enrollment Options enables BenaVest to assist in the implementation of Group Health Insurance Options from all of the best Employer Group Health Insurance Companies.


BenaVest is SAVING our clients 25% on average in payroll. Our knowledgeable partners provide payroll processing along with tax administration services, at the highest level of service in the Payroll Savings Department.

Complimentary Services

At BenaVest, We Are Able To Provide All Of The Following Complimentary Employee Benefit Packages and Complimentary Group Health Services To Our Clients And Employers. This Helps Our Employers Focus On Growing Their Businesses While We Take Care Of The Structural Side Of The Staff Benefits a Businesses has


We are here to answer all of your questions and keep your company compliant when it comes to the moving puzzle of the Affordable Care Act. Companies don’t know that they are not in compliance with the new ACA mandates.


Workers Comp

With an average of eighty five percent Improvement of risk experience with our clients here at BenaVest, its no wonder we are at a ninety nine percent retention rate. We truly go the extra mile in taking care of our clients!


BenaVest is our partner agency that specializes in helping you with group plans and employee benefits. Visit their site or send us an email here to get all the inormation you need.